Who’s There?

Last night the most amazing thing happened. I felt one of the babies kick for the first time!

At least I think it was a kick. Who knows? Maybe the little tyke is a future boxer … We think it was the girl based on the tummy placement.

For the past couple of weeks, my wife has been talking about the occasional flutter from within. So we knew they’ve been moving around. Even in the ultrasound last week, we watched them squirm. The boy never seems to sit still. And then over the weekend it was like they decided to start a dance party. Every thirty minutes or so, my wife would grab my hand and put on her belly. I was always a second too late of course. DOUBLE Of course, the moment I took it away, they started up the dance party again. Even in utero they’re already disobeying their father. Off to a great start here, kids … 🙂

At least that was until last night. No mistaking. No squinting and cocking my head with an “I THINK I feel something …” reaction. No. It was legit. Boom boom. Two quick little hits from within.

It was awesome!

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