Novels Looking for Representation

For any would be agent/publisher out there, if any of the properties below catch your fancy, feel free to contact me to request official query or manuscript details.

Altered Egos

Science fiction. 102k words.

Calculating and cocky, Elias Jenney isn’t your ordinary criminal, he’s the supervillain — the Architect — serving time for his latest master plan. There’s a serial killer at large and the police are at a loss.  So, the city offers Elias a deal. Stay in prison or help them find the killer. The catch: they’ll inject him with toxic nanites as an incentive to cooperate. Figuring it’ll be easier to escape from outside regardless, Elias agrees.

The crime scenes don’t make sense. The victims don’t have enough in common. That’s because there are two people doing the killings, Elias realizes. The real killer and a copycat.

His attempt to clear the nanites only makes things worse. Meanwhile, the murders continue to escalate. Elias can either solve the case, ensuring his survival and give up his chance at freedom or continue trying to escape and get his master plan back on track before the nanites eat him alive from the inside.


The Red Door

A Victorian era science fiction. 130k words.

Dr. Edison Pierce is tracking an illness that drives its victims insane enough to kill. His newest patient is devolving, fast. Between strange ramblings, the patient urges Edison to “Open the red door.” Edison is stunned. He never told anyone about his mysterious childhood secret. There isn’t time to learn how a complete stranger would know something so intimate before the patient degenerates and a slug-like monster erupts out of his mouth.

The illness isn’t a disease, but an infection of parasitic creatures. Haunted by the taunt about the red door, Edison’s only clue is a link between his patient and a madman locked in the lunatic asylum. The madman’s ravaged mind doesn’t hold any answers for Edison, but his cell is covered in a series of strange runes.

When Edison finds those same markings written on a piece of paper hidden in another victim’s mouth, Edison realizes that these creatures have a human agent operating on their behalf. Now, Edison races to find the man responsible, discover how he’s birthing monsters, and stop him before all of London falls to the bloody madness.


Fairfax Cleaners

Urban fantasy. 119k words.

Gus Fairfax makes sure all the blood and bodies disappear and the Hidden City stays hidden. It’s another day on the job dismembering trolls when he discovers Maureen Kendall hiding out in his van. As far as Gus is concerned, bringing her back is signing Maureen’s death warrant. Gus only picks up bodies, he doesn’t make them.

They might be monsters, but they’re still the only family Gus has. But even a man who cleans up the dead has a conscience. Without thinking too hard, Gus helps her escape. Unbeknownst to him, his boss, Castil, is hunting humans who hold tremendous magical power. Castil plans to use these people as vessels in a ritual to snare long forgotten gods. Instead of tracking Gus and Maureen down directly, Castil unleashes an ancient spirit to act as assassin.

There’s nowhere to go where this spirit can’t find them. When Castil’s ritual fails and Maureen becomes his last chance to capture a god, Gus and Maureen go from an annoyance to priority number one. Gus is faced with a choice: return Maureen or face the combined wrath of the very city he used to protect.




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