NaNoWriMo 1

Not going to be a long post this week. Now that NaNoWriMo is in full swing, every word counts and as per my rules, these posts do not.

So far so good. I’m a little behind, but that’s okay. I can make up a lot of extra words during the week. Chugging along on Partners in Crime and haven’t had to resort to additional content but with only 5k out of 50k completed, the night is still young as they say.

Inspiration actually struck pretty hard on Friday for a new story. Whether that’s a short story, novella, or full on novel, I don’t know yet. I have an idea whose grounds have been tread on before. I feel like I should do some “research” first, meaning read other books like it to see what’s already out there and how I’m going to say something different. But that’s a problem for Future Dan.

Now, it’s back to squeezing out another 500 words today and getting some editing in Land of Blood and Sky done.

Happy writing!

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 1

  1. JamesJr

    Nice post. I wasnt sure what #NaNoWriMo was all about until you gave the jist here. Im writing a Mystery but, like you, am not sure how it will grow.


    1. Yeah I’m definitely an advocate of the experience. There’s no better feeling that finished a manuscript and furiously typing away for a month straight helps bring that feeling closer into fruition. That or I’m just a sucker for shared misery, I suppose. It’s not too late to sign up if you’re interested. What’s your mystery about?


      1. JamesJr

        A different take on I dont know Im dead or I act like Im not a cannibal. Which do you think has the greatest potential to be more interesting?


  2. Cannibal all the way. I’m totally biased but I’m absolutely fascinated by cannibalism. I’ve tried to write a cannibal story twice now and just haven’t made it work. Third time’s the charm I guess. I totally vote cannibal.


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